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Mixing Henna

In this quick video I show you what it looks like when it's too wet and then mix into the perfect consistency. I've seen many mixing videos using a wooden spoon and wooden bowl, while this looks good in photos, it will not work. For best results you'll need a large bowl and flat silicone spatula to be able to mix it as smooth as possible. Henna will stain silicone, so use tools that can be dedicated to your hair care treatments, same for indigo.

Supplies you'll need:

Herbal Powder
Warm distilled water
Large mixing bowl
Flat spatula

Cling wrap to cover bowl

Indigo is almost always necessary to create any other color than henna red. This bright green paste releases a blu 15-20 minutes dye that can give dark hair a violet hue and also dye your hair black with a 2-step process. Watch this short video to see how smooth and creamy it needs to be to get the best results.

Covering greys and treating dandruff with henna can be quick & easy without being messy. Here's how I apply my henna treatments. I mostly use henna on my scalp because to cover a few greys and keep my scalp healthy. 

Henna FAQ

What will henna stain?

Henna bonds to keratin (hair, skin, nails) but can also stain porous surfaces like silicone, paper, wood, and some plastics. Cover any porous surface area before you mix and apply to avoid staining. You shouldn't worry about staining in the shower, it will likely not cause any permanent stains. I do recommend using an old pillowcase and towel to avoid temporary stains. 

Will henna stain my face or hairline?

Henna can stain your forehead, face, and hairline but will disappear by the next day. These parts of your body produce quite a bit of oil which prevents henna from creating a permanent stain, like on hair. 

How long will the henna stain last on my hair?

Henna stains keratin permanently if you leave it on long enough, 3+ hours. This means that the color will remain on your hair strands until the hair falls off. Our henna quality is superior than most other brands I've used and will not fade over time. Please keep in mind that your hair keeps growing, and you'll have to do root touch-ups as needed.