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Light Blonde

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This is the lightest blonde available, almost clear, and best for gray coverage on white hair. This will not lighten your hair color.

Herbal Dyes are Safe, Non-toxic, and Free of Metallic Salts & PPD!


Proprietary blend of all-natural plant dyes for hair, ideal for enhancing natural hair color and blending grays. Use herbal colors as needed to keep grays covered and refresh your natural hair color.

Results vary from person to person. Your hair color, hair condition, and texture determine what color you can achieve.

Herbal dyes release deposit-only pigments and will not lighten hair color. Dark hair will benefit from a scalp treatment and shinier hair, but no visible color change. Please note, these are not meant to lighten hair color and will not give you the same results as chemical-based bleach lighteners or dyes.

For a color recommendation please send 2-3 photos of your existing hair color in natural light (outdoors) including roots and lengths of your hair to

Suggested Amounts
Roots 50g
Short Hair 75g
Above Shoulder 100g
Shoulder Length 125-150g
Mid-back 200g-225g
Waist Length 250-300g

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