House calls only at this time. I come prepared with everything for your service including chair, table, and floor cover. If you have an outdoor space with natural light where we can setup, that is preferred but a living area works well too. I provide a trace-free service. My clients love house calls because of how quick I am at providing applications as they can go on with their day to process the treatment at home or run errands. Be prepared to leave in your treatment for at least 3 hours. You rinse at home.

Appointment Times

First Time Clients|All Over Application 75 minutes.

Touch-ups 30 minutes.

All Over Application (existing clients) 45 minutes.

Starting Rates

Root touch-ups $100

All Over Application $125

Bookings in PDX starting February 2022.

Pricing varies by length and density of your hair. 

Travel fee applies to some areas.

Deposits & Payments

Henna is mixed the day before your application. A $25 deposit is required to secure your first appointment. You can cancel your appointment with 48 hour notice without penalty. An email reminder will be sent 48 hours before your appointment and a text message confirmation will be sent the day prior to your appointment.  I will make every attempt to reach you but if there is no response, your appointment will be cancelled without a refund to your deposit.

Deposits and payments can be paid by Venmo, Zelle, or Cashapp.


A phone consultation is required for all new clients.

Please email two photos of your hair in natural light for appointment requests.

Photo 1: Top of your head so I can see any gray hair and new growth color.

Photo 2: Mid-lengths and ends.

Send photos to

After Application-Waiting Time

There is a waiting time of at least 72 hours after your application to see what your final color outcome will be. This is very important as the color will definitely deepen over the course of 3 days to a week.

What you see immediately after rinsing out your herbal treatment is not the final color; therefore, I do not respond to messages concerning color results before the 3 day mark. I will reach out 3 days after your application to see how the color turned out. Since it takes time for herbal dyes to oxidize naturally, I recommend giving 1-2 weeks to see how your color wears before a second application.

Adjusting Your Color

When I first take you on as a client, I will recommend the most conservative choice in recipe recommendation by starting with the lightest shade possible for your hair. Once you see how the color wears, we can make adjustments to your recipe based on the results. If you're adventurous and decide to go bold, we can do that too! Darker shades do fade but cannot be lightened with herbal dyes. It's always best to start lighter and deepen the color as we go. If you do want the deepest shade possible, then we'll go as dark as possible the first application. 


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After Care

•A scarf or beanie is recommended to keep your cap tight and secure. Heat generated by your scalp when you cover it also helps the color process a bit faster.

•Rinse with water only. Do not use shampoo until 48 hours after your application to make sure the color bonds to your hair. You can use conditioner on the ends if you'd like.

•Hair might feel a bit rough immediately after rinsing, this is because the cuticle swells from absorbing moisture for 3+ hours. It will return to its normal state by the next day. 

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