Frequently asked questions

What are herbal dyes?

Herbal dyes are made with plants that can dye hair naturally. This is a slow hair coloring method that requires you to leave-in the treatment for 2-3 hours and wait 2-3 days to begin to see the color results. Herbal dyes are a hair care treatment that happen to dye hair and you can expect to see visible improvement to your hair and scalp after the first application. The color itself might need an adjustment to the recipe to achieve an ideal shade.

Can I cover greys with plants?

Yes! You can get 100% gray coverage with herbal dyes. A consultation is required to determine if your desired color outcome is possible.

Where do you source your herbs?

We import the highest quality natural henna and herbs directly from the manufacturers in India and Pakistan. Every dye crop we receive is tested for dye release and stain to provide you with consistent results.

Are herbal dyes compatible with chemically treated (colored) hair?

Yes, we use pure henna without metallic salts and you can safely use over and after chemical treatments. Always perform a strand test to check for color.

How long do herbal dyes last?

The longevity of the color depends on what ingredients are used in your recipe, the condition of your hair, and how you take care of it. Henna can be permanent and lighter blends with minimal amount of henna can last 1-3 months. A consultation is needed to determine what ingredients we recommend for your hair color.

Do you work out of a salon?

I do not work out of a salon but provide consultations in my San Antonio studio. I am a mobile service provider and travel to clients homes. You can expect a professional service that is quick, clean, & effortless for you. Clients prefer house calls because they have to leave-in the treatment for at least 3 hours before rinsing and the application itself is only 20-30 minutes. I do not wash your hair, you do this at home.

Is herbal color a good option for you?

Plants can dye your hair naturally without ANY chemicals, this cannot give you the same color options as a chemical treatment, such as lightening your hair color or creating an exact or specific color. Herbal dyes are recommended to improve the condition of your hair & scalp and prevent further damage, including hair loss and dandruff. Color pay-off is an added bonus nature offers! If you have expectations to see color results immediately after rinsing, like to switch your hair color often, or want to achieve a specific color, I don't recommend herbal color.

What colors are possible with herbal dyes?

Many hair colors are possible with herbal dyes and range from blonde to black and even purples, pinks, and silver/gray. Your existing hair color and hair condition determine which colors you can achieve. It is not possible, in any way, to lighten hair or achieve a lighter hair color that what you already have with herbs. A consultation is required for all new clients to determine if I can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Can I book a same day appointment?

Same day visits are not offered at this time. As a mobile service provider all routes are planned ahead of time but I can see you in my studio if you are short on time and need a sooner date.

How do you create different hair colors?

All blends are mixed from scratch depending on your hair color, texture, hair condition, and desired results. Adjustments can be made as needed to adjust the color results. It might take a few applications to get to the desired color. I do not use pre-mixed blends because I cannot tell what the percentage of ingredients is included, which makes it impossible for me to make adjustments to your recipe.

Are your ingredients organic?

Most of the herbs we use are USDA Organic certified by the manufacturer. We ourselves do not hold an organic certification for our brand but we can assure you that we have perfomed our due diligence in sourcing the most natural and pure ingredients. Our supplier holds the following certifications: USDA Organic, Halal, Kosher, GMP, and ISO.