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100% Natural, Organic, & Cruelty Free Hair Care & Color Specialist.

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My Story

I've been a hairstylist for almost a decade and while in cosmetology school I became allergic to chemical dyes. I wasn't really sure what was happening but I started experiencing headaches every single day, my arms broke out into a crazy rash, and I just felt sick. Luckily my spouse and I moved to Portland, Oregon in November of 2013, the day after I graduated, where I started working at an organic holistic salon that only worked with henna and I never experienced those symptoms again. 

That journey was life changing for me. Today I've been working with herbal hair treatments for almost ten years and help clients who are also allergic to chemical dyes or just want a healthier choice. My service is truly natural and I don't use those words lightly, I work with ground herbs and water, that's it! I'm an expert at blending herbs to create many different treatments and hair colors for clients of all backgrounds. 


Henna is not something that is widely offered by salons, making it difficult for more people to choose this for their hair. If you are out of state and can't find someone that provides henna, I offer virtual consultations and can send you products and offer the guidance that you need to make the switch from toxic chemical dyes. 




100% Natural, Organic, & Cruelty Free Hair Care & Color Specialist.