Herbal Hair Care


100% Plant Based Dyes for Healthier Hair

HERBAL hair masks

Henna Hair Color by Ednita


Hair Treatment & Color in One

100% Natural, Just Herbs Mixed with Water!

Promotes a Healthy Scalp 

No PPD, Ammonia, or Peroxide

Fights Dandruff & Promotes Hair Growth

Henna Free from Metallic Salts

Makes Hair Thicker & Smoother

Conceals Gray Hair

Adds Shine & Manageability

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What is Herbal Color?

Herbal dyes are made with plants that can dye hair naturally. This is a slow hair coloring method that requires you to leave-in the treatment for 2-3 hours and wait 2-3 days to begin to see the color results. Herbal dyes are a hair care treatment that happen to dye hair. You can expect to see visible improvement to your hair and scalp after the first application.

Where do you get your herbs?

We import the highest quality natural henna and herbs directly from the manufacturers in India and Pakistan. Every dye crop we receive is tested for dye release and stain to provide you with consistent results.

Can I cover grays with plants?

Herbal color conceals gray hair by making white/silver hair look like natural highlights. Herbal dyes tint over existing pigment, allowing the color underneath to show. This creates a multi-dimensional color with a nice balance of highlights and lowlights in your hair.

Can I use henna over chemical dyes?

Yes, we use pure henna without metallic salts and you can safely use over and after chemical treatments. Always perform a strand test to check for color. 

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